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Homeschool Co-op

Calvary Baptist Homeschool Co-op, CBHC, operates as a Christian ministry under the elders and leadership of Calvary Baptist Church, to support and partner with other Christian homeschooling families in the Owosso and surrounding areas by being a ministry that encourages parents in their commitment to educate their children at home with a Christian Biblical Worldview and help supplement it with a Christ-centered co-op. We desire to offer cooperative learning through enrichment activities and elective classes in a community environment that helps build relationships and friendships between parents, students, and church members.

Sunday School


CBHC offers cooperative learning through enrichment activities and elective classes. Some examples include but are not limited to: sign language, animal care, baking/cooking, wood burning, life skills, simple machines, gym, service projects, etc. Classes are taught in large groups, small groups, grades, boys and girls. We meet on Fridays. 

Parents/guardians are required to serve in some fashion. The many roles range from but are not limited to: teaching, assisting, cleaning, set up/tear down, planning, etc. One parent/guardian must be present at all times they have a child(dren) in the building. All adults working with children will have background checks done at the expense of CBHC and will follow Calvary Baptist Church’s Guidelines for Ministry Workers.

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Traci Fields, Director of CBHC

(989) 723-6663

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CBHC is open to both Calvary Baptist members as well as non-members from the community. Each family is required to sign our faith statement, the New Hampshire Confession of Faith 1853, and have regular attendance at an orthodox Protestant church that is in agreement with the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Chalcedonian Creed. 

Annual cost per student is $55 and is non-refundable. Additional fees vary depending on any required by classes taken per quarter and any field trips that are planned.

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