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In September, 1956, a group of nine Regular Baptist Churches of Michigan (First Baptist Churches of Lapeer, Rochester, Mt. Pleasant, Big Rapids, Ensley Baptist Church of Sand Lake, South Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church of Flint, and Evangel Baptist Church of Wyandotte) volunteered support of a home missionary to work in the city of Owosso, endeavoring to establish a Regular Baptist Church for the glory of God.

On Sunday night, November 11, 1956, the first public service was conducted.  The Lord gave gratifying results and services were continued on each Lord’s Day in a rented Seventh Day Adventist Church building.  On June 12, 1957, the missionary pastor, Robert C. Nelson, called a meeting for the purpose of organizing the Calvary Baptist Church of Owosso, Michigan.  At that meeting the church was organized and voted to incorporate and call a Recognition Council.

            This Council met in August, 1957, and recognized Calvary Baptist Church as a fellowshipping church with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.  On July 20, 1958, the congregation met for the first time in its own building at 1595 N. Hickory Street.  This building had been purchased from the New Haven Evangelical United Brethren Church and moved to the North Hickory site.  This building was dedicated to the service of God again September 14, 1958.  Pastors and laymen from several of the supporting churches took part in these services.  The church continued to grow and shortly assumed full support of the pastor and partial support of two missionaries.

In August, 1962, Pastor Nelson left Owosso to return to home missionary work, and started a church in Saline.  In March, 1963, Edward Mawhorter became the pastor.  The church purchased a parsonage at 815 Adams Street at that time.  In November, 1963, the mortgage on the church property was paid.

            In December of 1966 a vote was taken to purchase the property on South Street, and it passed without a dissenting vote.  On September 21, 1967, Russell Arnold, Treasurer of the Calvary Baptist Church, paid the Controls Company of America, through their agent, $14,000 in exchange for the warranty deed on 6.75 acres of land bounded generally by Shiawassee, South and Walnut Street.  Plans were laid for construction through suggestions of the congregation and counsel with Church Builders, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Finances were raised by the sale of bonds, so that on June 15, 1969, a Ground Breaking Service was held, and construction started the next day.  With the exception of masonry, plumbing and heating, all major work was done by the families of the church.  The cost of the building, including carpet and furnishings, was about $85,000.  The first service was held on September 27, 1970.  195 were present for Sunday School on that day.  The building has been a great blessing in the ministry of the Gospel and the teaching of God’s Word.  In 1975 Pastor Edward Mawhorter moved to Toronto, Canada, to follow God’s call.

            A paved parking lot was added to the church and a 2 ½ car garage was built at the parsonage.  The parsonage was remodeled inside and out.  In 1976 Pastor William Redman was called to be pastor.  Following Pastor Redman’s resignation in 1977, Rev. Jack Bowen from Davison served as interim pastor.  In 1977 the parsonage was paid off.  In March 1978, the church voted to call Rev. Albert S. Yost as pastor.  In the next few years the church added a ball field, a 3 ½ car garage, a church van was purchased, and a new kitchen put in.  On November 8, 1981, the church celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special service complete with a mortgage burning, 3 years early.  In 1982, the church supported 9 missionary families.

            Pastor Yost resigned in June of 1990 to take a church in Ohio and in Feb of 1991 the church called Pastor Randy Terrill to be Pastor.  In Oct of 1991 the church initiated an AWANA program as the mid-week children’s ministry, consolidating all the children's ministry into one program. In the fall of 1993 the Pastoral staff was expanded with the calling of Scott Florida as full time Youth Pastor. Pastor Florida left to serve at a church in Grand Rapids in 1995 and in Feb 1997 Skip Manus was called to serve as Pastor of Youth and Christian Education.

            Pastor Manus resigned to return to Iowa in 1998 and in Apr of 1999 the church called Craig Hoogerheide as Pastor of Youth and Christian Education. In Apr of 2000 ground was broken for a new 5,500 sq foot expansion that would eventually host the sanctuary and classrooms. A new parking lot was also added in the expansion and the existing education wing was completely renovated to include a greatly expanded nursery.

            Pastor Hoogerheide resigned in 2002 and in Jul 2002, Randy Peterson was called as Pastor of Youth and Christian Education. In Aug of 2007 the church celebrated its 50th anniversary with a large dinner on the grounds. Many old members returned to make it a very special day. Pastor Nelson and Pastor Mawhorter returned to speak that day and add to the uniqueness of the event. As part of the service the mortgage on the new addition was burned, this was two years ahead of time.

            Pastor Terrill resigned in Nov of 2008 and in Nov of 2009 Pastor Don Fields was called as Senior Pastor.



We are thankful for the memories but we know that all that counts for Jesus is today and tomorrow,
so we go forward, thankful for those who came before us, committed to what lies before us.

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